What are freshies?

Freshies are delightfully scented handcrafted fresheners made using high quality fragrance oils and premium aroma beads. They can be used to freshen cars, closets, lockers, and any other small space that needs a boost of freshness. They also make excellent gifts!

How many items must we commit to sell?

We require a minimum purchase of 25 items to qualify for discounted pricing. Your cost per unit varies depending on quantity sold. 

    *** 25 - 74 units = $7 per unit

    *** 75 - 124 units = $6.50 per unit

    *** 125+ units = $6 per unit

How much will our organization profit from the fundraiser?

The suggested retail value of each unit is $14. You may choose to sell between $12 - $15 based on where you believe your market value lies. The organization will be responsible for any applicable taxes and/or shipping charges.

What is your turnaround time?
Orders go in line for production once the invoice has been paid. Typical TAT is one business day per 100 freshies ordered once production on your order has begun. 

How does a freshie fundraiser work?

Here are the steps for a successful fundraiser:

Step 1

Choose your freshie design(s).

You may select up to 3 freshie designs to offer your buyers.* 

Submit images for any customization needed to Do not send any images that you do not have the rights to use!

We'd be happy to help you with some ideas. Just let us know!

Step 3

Choose your 4 scents from the following:

Black Leather - an intoxicating blend of leather and cologne

Leather - rich scent of fine leather

Leather & Lace - the perfect blend of leather and warm vanilla sugar

Night Ice/Black Ice type - masculine and clean with soft floral notes and musk

Strawberry Leather - sweet strawberry, leather, and a hint of vanilla

Tropical (aka "Butt Naked") - fresh strawberries, coconut, cherries, & sugar

Volcanic - a sweet and bold blend of tropical fruits and sugared citrus

Step 4

Determine the date to begin your fundraiser.

Tell us when you would like to begin your fundraiser. If that date is not available, we will give you some options for dates around the same time frame. Fundraiser dates are limited.

Your organization will have a 2 week window to sell.

Step 5

Approve the mockup of your flyer and order form.

We will email you samples of your flyer and order form for approval.

We will make any changes necessary until you are happy with your designs.

Step 6

Submit your signed fundraiser contract.

We will email you your fundraiser contract once we have received approval on your flyer and order form.

Return your signed contract quickly to ensure that we can secure your fundraiser date for your organization.

After receiving your signed contract, we will email you the final copy of your flyer and order form.

Step 7

Print your flyers and order forms.

Most organizations choose to print the flyers and order forms themselves.

If you are unable to print your own color copies, we can have them printed and shipped to you for a fee of $1.00 per copy.

Step 8

Start raising money for your organization!

Have your organization begin selling on your scheduled start date. You will have 2 weeks in which to take orders for your fundraiser.

Make sure your participants collect all money due upfront.

Step 9

Report your sales back to us.

During your fundraiser window we will email you a digital order form for use in sharing your final sale count back to us.

Notify us when you are finished updating the order form.

Step 10

Pay your invoice.

Once we have your final sale count, we will email you an invoice for each item sold plus any applicable tax, shipping, and printing fees.

Once we have received payment, your order will go in line for production. 

*A TIP FOR DETERMINING FRESHIE DESIGNS: Consider offering a neutral design option to help promote sales. Offering just organization specific designs like team mascots may limit your sales. Some supporters, especially those from other communities, may not wish to promote your organization in their vehicle. (Gasp!)

Email us at to start planning your next fundraiser!

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